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Kingston on Iraq Withdrawal

US Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA Dist. 1) has high praise for the work accomplished by the Third ID and other US troops, many of which are now home from a year's deployment in Iraq. He says, while we have made a lot of progress getting Iraq ready to be responsible for its own security, now is not the time to pull all US troops out of Iraq.

"What we have done in Iraq--military, political and economic progress--if we cut and run right now, as many have advocated, it will lead to civil war and chaos," he said. "So we really need to extract ourselves a little bit slower than the critics want the president to."

Kingston says we have to get more Iraqi soldiers trained before leaving the country on its own. There are about 240,000 trained right now, but Kingston says that number needs to be up to 350,000.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,

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