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Kingston on Immigration Issue

Immigrant rights is a hot topic across the country. The US Senate tried to pass a law granting the 11 million illegal immigrants citizenship. It failed. The House of Representatives is working on a bill that would criminalize illegals.

Today, we caught up with Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA Dist. 1). He says we need to have clarity and certainty in the law and have to secure our borders, even if it means sending a lot of people back home.

"I think that you have to have some deportation and you can't have amnesty," he said. "What you need to do, though, is working through the employers and employees, have people registered on a contractual basis, and in order to do that they may need to go home to their native country at least for a while."

Kingston says a guest worker program is okay, because farms always need help, as long as they are legal guest workers and are here for only a set period of time.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,

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