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Residents Confront Developers Over Planned Housing

A whole neighborhood has complained, and last night, developers and residents squared off over a controversial building site at a meeting at Alee Temple. Developers want to build some low-income housing off Skidaway Road, near the Bacon Park neighborhood. But the neighbors aren't happy about it.

The development would bring in 500 more people to the neighborhood. Some members of the Bacon Park Neighborhood Association are concerned that the new development will bring an increase in crime and a decrease in property value.

Residents there say they were never told about the project.

"A lot of the individuals were concerned that they were not given notice," said assistant city manager Israel Small. "That probably happened because we sent notices out to adjacent residences, not a mile or another half mile away."

Some the residents say it's a structural safety issue. They say the area used to a pond, then a landfill.

We'll let you know whether or not they decide to build.

Reported by: Jamie Ertle,


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