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Rescuer Recalls Saving Baby from Burning Car

Around 9pm last night, four cars got in an accident on Abercorn Street and DeRenne Avenue. A baby got trapped in one of the cars. Without hesitation, Simeo Smith, a passenger in one of the cars, sprang into action without any regard for himself and pulled the child to safety in the nick of time.

Police say three cars were stopped at the light when a fourth car plowed into the them. Smith's car caught fire. "When I was crawling out, I burnt my arm," he told us. "My clothes were on fire."

Smith's friend Stanley Douglas was in the car with him. "We were on our way to McDonald's and stopped at the light right here and the dude hit us from the back," he recalled. "Our car caught fire and everybody jumped out."

Not everyone could get out. A baby boy, only a few months old, was trapped inside one of the cars. "The baby was still in the baby seat," Smith said. "I started hitting the windows because the door was locked, I busted out the window."

Smith and two other guys pulled the baby out. "Moose, he punched out the back window to get the baby out," said Douglas. "They put the fire out and that's it."

"I see it as I was saving the little boy, not to be a hero or all that, because if it was anyone else, they would've done the same thing," said Smith.

No one was seriously hurt in the wreck, but the outcome could have been far worse. "I'm just happy it went the way it did," said Smith. "No one got hurt out of the situation. I'm the only one that got hurt the worst."

Police charged the driver of the fourth car, Karen Morgan, with drunk driving and following too closely.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,



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