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Storms Cause Damage in Liberty County

Driving turned dangerous yesterday afternoon when storms rolled in. They brought hail stones and trees down. In and around Hinesville, trees snapped like toothpicks and this one came crashing down into Willie Reddick's mobile home.

Reddick was not in the home at the time. In fact, he was waiting the storm out in his car and watched as the tree, fell leaving a hole in his roof.

"It was raining too hard," he said. "Ice was falling. I was just sitting in the truck. It was hitting the windshield of the truck--pop pop pop--for about 20 good minutes."

"I heard the hail, the big rain drops, and I knew it was hail, but I didn't know anything like this was happening outside," said Liberty County resident Mildred Troup. "It passed pretty quickly and when we came out, the sun was shining."

In a matter of minutes, downed trees blocked several roads. The trees came crashing down on power lines. Georgia Power came out to repair those lines.

As for Reddick's roof, he covered it with a tarp so that someone can fix it today.

Reported by: Jamie Ertle,


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