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Soldiers Search for Missing Soldier

Robert Hornbech has been missing since Easter Sunday. Robert Hornbech has been missing since Easter Sunday.

It's been almost a week and still no sign of the missing soldier, but his family and friends aren't giving up hope they will find him.

Last Sunday Robert Hornbeck was out drinking with his friends and family when he disappeared. Since then his family, who are in town fromMichigan, have been searching all over Savannah for any signs of their son.  But Saturday they got a little extra help, two soldiers that Hornbeck served with in Iraq came into town to help.  The fellow soldier said, "He's a friend and fellow soldier. I think everyone should be down here."

These soldiers are in Savannah on their own free will. They've asked WTOC not to identify them. They said they’re not here as part of a military mission, but simply to find their friend. One soldier said, "I'm here to help the family as much as I possibly can without going outside my boundaries."

Hornbeck’s family and friends have put up posters all over the Coastal Empire in hopes someone recognizes Hornbeck. A soldier Hornbeck served with said, "If I came up missing he'd be out here right now looking for me."

As for what they think happened the night Hornbeck disappeared, one soldier said, "I'm not going to make any skeptical decisions on what he did, I just know he's not here." And the other feels the same way and added, "He's happy, he didn't have a care in the world.  He didn't let anything bother him.  He liked living and enjoyed himself"

Hornbeck's family, friends and fellow soldiers believe they will eventually find out what happened to him.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings


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