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Suspect Sought In SC Shooting

Jasper County Sheriff Deputies are looking for a man they say gunned down a Point South, SC man in front of his family Sunday afternoon. Police say 24 year old John Brown shot Green in his own front yard on Mount Pleasant Drive.

Green's wife Angela told us, " Me and my husband were out planting trees in the yard, my sister sent for my kids to go to the pool." "We were going to pool in Point South and so when we got into the car we heard John yelling at us telling us to stop," said Rebecca Ford, Green's daughter. 

Angela says she wouldn't let Brown in the car, " I told him he wasn't getting into the car because the kids were too young."  According to Green's wife, Brown said some inappropriate comments and words were exchanged. "My husband went over to tell them the next time they spoke to his family like that he's going to box him in the mouth and that was it, there were no hard words said."

A few minutes later, Green's family says Brown came back to their home and apologized.  Chief Deputy Roy Hughes said, "Brown left, returned a short time later and shot him approximately three times."  Family members say the crime came as a real shock. 

"I went into the house to check the food I was cooking, when I looked out my window he was in my yard right here.  My husband was standing right here he turned around and he had the gun in in his hand and put it to his head, he told him to get to his knees.  He wouldn't get on his knees so he shot him in the chest right here. Arthur tried to reach for him and he shot him again in the arm," said Green.  Family members say that's when Brown shot him again and took off running.

Green wants Brown caught, "I want justice to be served and I want everyone in conspiracy with this crime to come to justice, my husband is gone and I have four kids and I have no father for my children."

Brown was just recently released from prison and is on probation.  Jasper County Authorities say Brown is also wanted in Beaufort County for armed robbery.  If you have any information on Brown's whereabouts, call Jasper County Sheriff's Office at 843-726-7777.

Reported by Jaime Dailey,

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