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Police Appreciation Luncheon

A murder that gained national attention and will always be remembered here in Savannah.

The case of 19 year old Jennifer Ross who was walking downtown Christmas eve when four men attacked them

the muggers shot ross in the back, and she died new years day.

Now, friends and family are thanking police for catching all four suspects and putting them behind bars with an appreciation luncheon.

Lt. Kenneth Patton said, "I'm glad they did it shows the officers that family was appreciative."

It was a luncheon to show officers from the Savannah Chatham Police Department that all their hard work and long hours aren't going unnoticed by not only the Ross family but the community of Savannah

Coren Ross said, "they go out everyday and lay their lives on the line for us and without them we would be in really bad shape."

Coren Ross, Jennifer's Mom, said the last several months have been hard on her and the entire family.

And even though she says theres still a long road ahead, she is happy all three suspects that police say are responsible for the death of her 19 year old daughter are off the streets.

Coren said,"we are just so grateful for everybody who has handled any aspect of Jennifer's case has done so with the most professionalism."

And that's why she said she helped organize the police appreciation luncheon Coren said,"we want our police to know that we got their back."

Lt Kenneth Patton says detectives treated this case like they would any other. They work until they find the suspects. Lt. Patton may take two weeks or 2 years - but officers will work until they can put people like Michael Thorpe, Kevin Huckabee and Webster Wilson -- who was just arrested this week -- behind bars.

Kenneth Patton said,"it's nice they they came out and show how grateful they were."

Reported By: Brooke Kelley



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