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Hundreds of 48th Brigade Troops Home

It's been a long time coming: our friends and neighbors with the 48th Brigade are arriving home.

The soldiers of the 118th Field Artillery Unit have had a long wait.

When we talked to some of them in Iraq just over a month ago, they'd been working hard for a year, protecting convoys and attacking enemy positions.

Back then, Master Sergeant Wesley Dover admitted: " not in the most preferred place to be in the world, but we had a mission to do. We came over here, we've been successful up to this point."

Dover says they were already thinking of heading back, even then.

"Probably 99% of the battalion's been a year and a half away from families," he says. "So right now a lot of us are really are getting ready to go home."

And when that that moment arrived Friday, and a sea of smiling faces swarmed over the soldiers, he says it's exactly what he was waiting for.

"When I wrapped my arms right here," he says, looking at his wife, "That was the best one. That was the best one. Everything after that is done. Cakewalk's over with."

Everyone else crawling all over Cottrell Field seemed to agree.

Now they can go be with those families for good, for the first time in more than a year.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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