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Guardsmen, Commanding General Return from Iraq

Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver

Another group with the 48th Brigade is back home. Early this morning, members of the Georgia National Guard's 48th Brigade returned to Cottrell Field on Fort Stewart. After some brief remarks and the playing of the national anthem, the Guardsmen were reunited with their loved ones.

These citizen-soldiers were in Iraq for about a year, having trained at Fort Stewart for about six months prior to their deployment.

The head of the 48th Brigade, Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver, was aboard the returning flight. He says he is happy to be home and is very proud of his unit. "We built schools, we turned on water we turned on electricity," he said. "A lot of humanitarian things to support the people, and I think they made a big difference."

Homecomings like this one will continue until the rest of the 48th Brigade is home from Iraq.

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