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165th Receives Outstanding Unit Award

The 165th Airlift Wing scored outstanding marks in every single category. The 165th Airlift Wing scored outstanding marks in every single category.

The airmen of the 165th Airlift Wing are earning high marks. The 165th received the Air Force's highly coveted Outstanding Unit Award.

Saturday afternoon, airmen and women of the 165th stood watching as their unit's flag received yet another ribbon symbolizing their distinguished service both at home and abroad for the past three years.

Major General David Poythress, the Adjutant General of the Georgia Army National Guard, presented the award.

"This is America's best," he said, "these are citizens and soldiers. They work in stores and in shops. They're professional people, they're farmers. Every now and then, they put on their uniform and put their lives on the line and step up for everything America represents."

The 165th Airlift Wing scored outstanding marks in every single category. Lieutenant Colonel Hal Davis said this ceremony was very important to the unit. The past three years have been hard on all of them and this award rewards them for all their sacrifices.

"It meant a lot to us," said Lieutenant Colonel Davis. "We've been very busy. It's not like the old guard days, when it use to just be a lot of fun. Now it's really become like active duty."

This is not the first time the 165th has received this distinguished award. Over the years, the unit has been awarded a total of nine Outstanding Unit Awards. 

"That's a really a big deal," explained Major General Poythress. "Almost all the units in the Air Force apply for this every year only a small number are selected."

In fact, Colonel Thomas Moore said to his knowledge there's only one other unit that's ahead of the 165th. 

"We've have a proud history," he said. "I think there's one other unit that has eleven (awards). Other than that, units only have one or two." 

Colonel Moore believes the community support is what has helped put the 165th over the top. 

"A lot of it is we want to do well for us, for our friends, our families and for the community. That's what makes everyone work so hard," said Colonel Moore. 

Over the past three years, the 165th Airlift Wing deployed more than three hundred and ninety Guard members through ten rotations to more than sixteen different locations around the world.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com

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