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Guardsmen Honored at 1/118th Family Day

The National Anthem kicked off the festivities for the guardsmen of the 1/118th. It was a day of family fun and honors for the entire unit, led by Georgia's top military man, Adjutant General David Poythress.   

"When you call out the Guard, you call out America. The National Guard is mainstream America. These people are shopkeepers and professionals. They work in Chatham County. They are the heart and soul of America," said Adjutant General Poythress.

"I can't explain it in words," said Sergeant First Class Walter Colonel, "to be back here, to see your loved ones again, it's a special feeling."

That feeling got even better for Sergeant First Class Colonel, as he received the Meritorious Service Medal. That was just the beginning of the awards. Lieutenant Steven Terry was next up, getting a Bronze Star for exceptional service in Iraq.  

"We ran several high profiles targeting situation in Iraq that led to the capture of 86 insurgents on the National Targeting list," said Lieutenant Terry.

Sergeant Gerald Simpson also made a list of honorees, as he was promoted to Staff Sergeant. This day, every soldier was special. Their hard work was acknowledged with a handshake, medals and an American flag; however, for these fighting men, coming back to their loved ones together safe and sound was reward enough.

"You can't replace your friends," said Lieutenant Terry. "Anybody can get a piece of paper, to know your friends come home, that's a wonderful feeling."

A feeling everyone here hopes will never go away.

Reported by: Andrew Davis,

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