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Event Sept. 30

First Arthritis Walk Planned

Chances are, you know someone with arthritis. According to the National Arthritis Foundation, 66 million people, including 300,000 children, suffer from the painful joint condition.

People in the Coastal Empire are trying to do something about it. Today, Savannah Bone and Joint and Candler Health System kicked off their campaign for the first Arthritis Walk next month.

The goal is not only to raise money for to help the National Arthritis Foundation find a cure, but join supporters across the State of Georgia and the US to help people with arthritis enjoy a better quality of life.

"We decided that we wanted to have a local participation rather than just support the larger statewide walk in Atlanta," explained Dr. Mark Winchell with Savannah Bone and Joint. "Hopefully, eventually, we'll have a local Arthritis Foundation chapter right here in Savannah."

The walk kicks off Saturday, September 30 at 9am at Hunter Army Airfield Rio Gate near Savannah Mall. Participants will have their choice of taking part in a one-mile or three-mile walk, bike ride, 10K run or dog walk.

To sign up, visit the kiosk near Savannah Joe's Coffee at the Savannah Mall or contact Savannah Bone and Joint at (912) 925-3767 or click on for a registration form.

The Arthritis Foundation also helps people with lupus, osteoporosis, gout and fibromyalgia.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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