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Spinach Recall Affecting Business

It's now been two days since the FDA warned consumers about E-coli in spinach. Since then grocery stores have pulled it from their shelves, people cleared it out of their refrigerators and some restaurants have altered their menus. However, some cafes want the problem solved before it permanently hurts their business.

Theresa Welford, of Savannah, has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and admits she was caught off guard by the recall.  "I always thought the whole food poisoning thing has nothing to do with me because usually food poisoning comes from meat products," said Welford.

Welford said she's not in a panic over the recall since it was caught fairly quickly, but she feels something needs to be done at the national level.  "The food industry needs to regulate a little more. There are too many instances of food poisoning or e-coli," said Welford.

The owners of Express Café and Bakery in Savannah couldn't agree more; but in the mean time they're dealing with the problem and getting rid of spinach isn't the answer for them.  Michael Meeks, owner of Express Café said, "We use it in our salad, we use it in some of our egg dishes, and we use it in out spinach salad."

The café has had to alter their menu, but what's most frustrating to the restaurant is that the spinach they use isn't even being recalled. "Because everyone's so afraid and cautious of all spinach when we went to purchase the spinach yesterday we were told they couldn't sell it to us," said Meeks.

As for how this recall is going to affect business the owners said they're not sure, it's all going to depend on how long this recall is going to last.  If it prolongs, eventually they will have to start finding substitutes for spinach, which can affect his business.

Meeks, like many others is hoping the FDA can solve the problem soon and put spinach back on the shelves.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com

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