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Marquis Young Charged with Murder

Marquis Young being arrested early Wednesday morning. Marquis Young being arrested early Wednesday morning.

The violent start to the week is still dominating headlines, and people all around town are talking about Monday's five shootings in an eight-hour span in Savannah.

The first word from police was that none of the shootings were related, but as the cases came together there's been a huge change. One man is involved in two of those shootings, and they caught him early Wednesday morning.

Police say they were pretty sure they knew 18-year-old Marquis Young may have been involved in at least two of the shootings, but weren't able to confirm it until after they captured him. Now he's facing a slew of charges, including murder.

Young didn't make it easy for police, leading them on a chase around 3:30am Wednesday morning. He wrecked and came at officers with a gun, before they finally got him in handcuffs.

"Marquis O'Neal Young has wreaked havoc on this community," said Sgt. Mike Wilson with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

Police quickly linked Young to a shootout on Henry and Waters Monday afternoon, but have now also charged him in one of Monday's homicides. Investigators say Young is the man who shot and killed 18-year-old Ramone Bowers on Duffy Street, between Habersham and Lincoln.

"I can't emphasize this enough," said Wilson. "The capture of Young has created a domino effect in solving a lot of the crimes that have been committed within the last five days here in Chatham County."

Aside from those two shootings, police say Young robbed a street vendor Sunday, and shot at him three times. The day before, they say he was part of a group that robbed three people, before forcing one of them into a trunk and going on a joyride with him still his stolen car.

Wilson says now one of the department's top priorities is tracking down Young's friend, Jawaun Lee, who has also been linked to the Waters Avenue shootout.

"Jawaun Lee has made his intentions not to surrender to police very well known to us," said Wilson.

Police got a stolen gun back from Lee Tuesday, and had hoped he would turn himself in, but Lee appears to have soured on that idea.

Police say they're confident they'll find Lee soon, partly because a lot of people are going to be too scared to help hide him, knowing how much heat is on him.

Wednesday, investigators found the white van they say Lee and Young were shooting at, but have yet to announce who was in that van returning fire.

Police have said they haven't had a day quite like Monday since the days of the Ricky Jivens gang. It turns out there's a connection between the two.

Sammy Lee Gadson, Jr., is still on the loose, after police say he shot 21-year-old Tony Hill on Park Avenue Monday. It turns out his father was an enforcer in the Ricky Jivens gang. He is currently serving time in a federal prison for those connections, and has since confessed to killing at least two people.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,

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