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Ashby Had MySpace Profile; Girlfriend and Others React

A detail from Ashby's MySpace profile. A detail from Ashby's MySpace profile.
William Ashby William Ashby

Some who thought they new shooting suspect William Ashby--fatally shot last night in Florida--are now wondering if they really knew him at all.

WTOC discovered Ashby had a profile (click here for the page).

Authorities stumbled upon it during their investigation. So, WTOC checked it out and notified people on his friends list to see if they knew the man who called himself "toxic surfer" online.

People on Ashby's MySpace page are learning much more than they ever expected. Ashby's profile page appears unassuming. A closer look and some bits and pieces jump out.

He describes himself as quote "just another dude." He then goes on to write "Oh, and I'm dark and jaded, people like you probably made me that way."

One of his blog entries is a poem he wrote. One of the final lines reads: "You'd look beautiful, dead upon the floor."

WTOC contacted all 11 people on his MySpace friends list. Five responded in complete shock about the events surrounding the death of William Ashby. One was Ashby's girlfriend of the last month, a woman named Melissa.

Melissa told us by phone and email, "Tom," as she called him, was a gentleman and the nicest man she had met. She says she had no idea about any of the accusations against him until US Marshalls showed up at her house Sunday morning.

She also said she could not imagine he was responsible for all of the murders Ashby is being linked to.

Three other "friends" did not know his real name. One other, named Pandora online, says she chatted with him online and on the phone on two occasions and knew him as Bill. She thought at first our message about his death was a joke. This was no joke.

Pandora tells us the two times she spoke with Ashby, he was very nice, but could tell he was in pain.

The last comment posted on his MySpace page is dated September 29, 2006, from a woman calling herself Lady O. It reads:

"Have a great weekend."

This was almost a week after Ashby shot convenience store clerk Waynetta Toler in the head, and fled the area.

It was also the same day a University of Virginia grad student went missing. Ashby is the prime suspect in her death after authorities found her body next to a stolen car in Virginia Sunday afternoon.

Pandora says she had one in-depth phone conversation with William Ashby. She had seen the news stories, but never connected the man she knew as Bill with the person wanted by police. Needless to say, she is shocked by the turn of events.

Pandora says Ashby contacted her online because she had said she wanted to learn how to drive after moving to Savannah from Philadelphia, where she didn't have to drive. He said he liked to drive and travel a lot and even offered to teach her.

Pandora was even going to send Ashby a message asking where he has been. Then, she read our message to her.

Melissa says once US Marshalls showed up at her door, and she saw the surveillance video, she knew Ashby was responsible for shooting Waynetta Toler. However, she still believes he is innocent of the other crimes because she says they spent so much time together. She wants times and dates from authorities.

The investigation is ongoing.

 Reported by: Don Logana,

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