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Suspect Arrested, Officers Injured

Cornell Morgan Cornell Morgan
An officer's car was T-boned by a civilian vehicle. An officer's car was T-boned by a civilian vehicle.
A civilian vehicle damaged by the suspect at Ogeechee Road and Liberty Parkway. A civilian vehicle damaged by the suspect at Ogeechee Road and Liberty Parkway.
The suspect's vehicle finally caught. The suspect's vehicle finally caught.
A fruit stand damaged by the fleeing suspect. A fruit stand damaged by the fleeing suspect.

Three officers have been injured after a suspect led police on a chaotic chase through Savannah.

Originally, officers thought the suspect was Juwaun Lee, one of Savannah's most wanted and the last remaining suspect in a string of shootings last Monday. In an announcement just before 5pm, police said the suspect is not Lee, but told WTOC he is one of Savannah's most wanted.

As of 5:25pm, police have confirmed the identity of the the suspect. He is Cornell Morgan, 23, wanted in an August 19 home invasion and battery in Savannah. The victim in that assault was critically injured.

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Wilson says the suspect was spotted at a business at 37th and Price Streets. An informant identified him as Lee, and Sgt. Wilson says he fled and attempted to run down officers in a stolen vehicle before officers could get a good look at his face.

He led police on a car chase throughout Savannah starting a little before 3pm today. At least one officer was seriously injured. Two others are recovering from their injuries, according to Wilson. The names of the injured officers have not been released.

Two officers were taken to Memorial Health, one with bruising and the other with more serious injuries to the head. The other was taken to St. Joseph's/Candler with cracked ribs.

Interim Chief Willie Lovett was at Memorial Health this evening, but could not comment on the story.

During the chase, a WTOC crew witnessed what appeared to be gunfire near Montgomery and Park, though police won't confirm shots fired.

Morgan led police down Gwinnet Street. At the intersection with Stiles Avenue, a civilian car got into a wreck with one of the police cars. The car slammed into a power pole, and witnesses tell WTOC an officer was ejected from that vehicle through the windshield, also striking the pole. Two police officers and two citizens were injured in that wreck.

The chase continued down Ogeechee Road. Witnesses say the suspect's car came down the street at a high rate of speed, driving past all the traffic, until it hit a white Honda. The driver tells WTOC she didn't see the car, she just saw the car's tires sliding up the side of her vehicle, almost on top of it.

She was forced off the road into a nearby field, where she slid to a stop. She was shaken up, but unhurt.

Morgan then tried to turn down Liberty Parkway to continue his escape. But he took the turn too hard, and rammed a fruit stand on the corner, crushing the edge of the stand. At least one person was inside at the time, and she had to be taken to Memorial Health for treatment.

Morgan then stopped the car in the middle of Liberty Parkway and tried to run away on foot. He ran to the parking lot of the Dollar General, where he then broke into a parked car with people inside. By then, police were able to catch up with Morgan, pulled him from the car, and took him into custody.

Police say he also had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

As of 6pm, the intersection of Stiles and Gwinnet remained closed as crews worked to repair the damaged power pole.

WTOC will continue to follow this story and have the latest tonight on THE News at 11.

The hunt for Juwaun Lee began the weekend of September 23, when police believe he took an officer's weapon during a struggle. He later returned the weapon to SCMPD, through a friend.

Lee is one of several suspects in a violent day in Savannah, Monday, September 25. There were five separate shooting incidents within an eight-hour period.

See the stories linked below for background on the Juwaun Lee case.

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