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Soldier Remembered at Warriors Walk

Soldiers at Fort Stewart are remembering one of their own. On September 19, First Lieutenant Ashley Huff, with the Third Infantry Division's 549th Military Police Company, was killed when a suicide bomber attacked her convoy in Iraq. She was just 23 years old. On Thursday, she was honored with a moving ceremony at Warriors Walk. Lt. Huff's family and friends want to make sure no one forgets the young woman who loved her country and dedicated herself to training Iraq's police force.

"The flags here remind us of the nation we serve and the generations of Americans who are indebted to Ashley and the soldiers, our brothers and sisters, whose names adorn these markers," said Third Infantry Division Commander Major General Richard Lynch.

Lt. Huff's name is now among them.

"It's not easy," admitted First Lieutenant Megan Maimone. Lt. Maimone and Lt. Huff both served as platoon leaders with the 385th Military Police Battalion.

Lt. Maimone was chosen to stand watch in front of the Eastern redbud tree that marks Lt. Huff's memorial.

"It was an absolute honor," she said. "We have several soldiers out here that we are honoring as well so it was a very special occasion. I'm glad I could be the one to do it."

"As a person, she was a rampant Georgia Bulldogs fan," explained First Lieutenant Bryan Dougherty, who also served in the 385th Military Police Battalion. "I can't say the same, but she would rub it in everyone's face whenever they won."

Lt. Dougherty said that was just part of her positive personality.

"She loved her job," he said. "She loved the Army and it reflected in everything that she did."

Whether they are honoring dozens of soldiers at Warriors Walk or just one, like Lt. Huff on Thursday, Fort Stewart plans each ceremony at Warriors Walk with care, knowing that every soldier's sacrifice is important.

"That soldier still paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation," explained Jeff Fornsell, who coordinates each ceremony.

Fornsell hopes that sacrifice is something visitors will think about as they pass the 317 Eastern redbud trees that line Warriors Walk.

"I hope they just remember Warriors Walk," he said, "and come out and visit it every once in a while and actually remember these soldiers as they're walking down these sidewalks, past these trees. Remember what these soldiers have done for us to have these freedoms in the United States."

Lt. Huff was recently married and looking forward to coming back to Savannah to buy a house with her husband. The rest of the 549th Military Police Company with the 385th Military Police Battalion is due home by the end of the month.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,

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