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Is It Safe To Eat Spinach and Raw Oysters?

Are the recent food scares still affecting what you eat for dinner?

Last month the US Department of Agriculture recalled all bagged spinach after people around the country got sick from spinach tainted with the e-coli virus. Then two women in Chatham County died from eating raw oysters.

Today Georgia's agriculture commissioner Tommy Irvin was in Savannah and wants to reassure residents here that it's okay to eat these foods. He said, "I've been ordering some on my salad, I love a good spinach salad so I'm not fearful and if you are craving good ole southern oysters. If you have health problems steam them before you eat them if you are in good health go ahead and eat them raw."

Irvin says another important tip, don't prepare your vegetables on the same cutting board you used to cut up your meat.

That can lead to an e-coli bacterial infection.

Reported by Michelle Paynter,

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