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Iraq Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Spc. Nathan Perry Spc. Nathan Perry
Sgt. Sara Morrison Sgt. Sara Morrison

The 549th Military police company based in Mosul has been training the Iraqi police force since December.

Sgt. Sara Morrison and Spc. Nathan Perry are two of the members of that company. During an interview from Iraq, they expressed what their time on duty has been like so far.

"Probably the scariest situation for me was when an RPG bounced off my truck." said Spc. Perry. Then there's a lot of small arms fire from the rear. Couldn't really see anything. That was scary. Its not something you experience every day."

"Its random. I go out every day and I don't get hit every day with IED's or small arms fire." said SGT Morrison. "If its meant to happen its meant to happen. Every day you go outside the wire its going to be dangerous. No matter what your mission is, no matter where you are going. If there's an opportunity for the insurgents, the terrorists to attack you, they are going to take it."

"I did get to help a couple Iraqi police with injuries they had." said Perry. "To see how thankful they were, that will stay with me."

"If you aren't scared there's something wrong with you," according to Morrison. "But you can't let that take over what you are there to do."

"The guys on the squadron stand by you no matter what," said Perry. "They support you, they have your back, you have theirs."

"They're not even friends anymore, they are more like family." said Morrison. "I guess that makes a big difference."

"I think the mission isn't complete." according To Morrison. "I think we still have a lot of work to do. It takes a good American a good believer of the cause over here to make that sacrifice, come over here and finish the job."

"The people are very respectful, happy we're here," said Perry. "Unless you've been here, you don't know. So take the word of a soldier."

Morrison and Perry will be able to express their words to family in friends in person soon. The 549th is scheduled to return home sometime next month.

 Reported by: Andrew Davis,

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