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Hometown Heroes--Demery Bishop and CrimeStoppers

Demery Bishop at East Broad Elementary. Demery Bishop at East Broad Elementary.

Some students from East Broad Elementary learned a valuable lesson at the Chatham Area Transit office, that real life is drug free.

And Demery Bishop knows a little something about that. As executive director for CrimeStoppers of Savannah and Chatham County, his job is to help catch those who may commit crimes, many of which are drug related.

"I truly enjoy it," said Bishop. "It's an opportunity for me, having been in law enforcement for 30-plus years, to give back to what I consider my hometown. My home community, where I was before my previous FBI involvement. Now that I'm back here, it gives me that opportunity."

And taking advantage of that opportunity has recently earned him and his team a national award. Last week, CrimeStoppers was presented the Silver Circle award at the City-County Communication and Marketing Association conference in Texas.

The award highlighted its video program on the Chatham County Detention Center.

"It was phenomenal, because we kind of think outside the box a little bit on traditional CrimeStoppers programming because we normally do the 'call-in the tip' line," said Bishop. "This gives us a chance to get what I like to call the 'blue lights in the rear view mirror' for the audience and the general public."

Bishop says his goal is to establish a program that reaches beyond a cable audience.

But until then, he wants people to know that CrimeStoppers is here to help all of us, and for that protection, Demery Bishop and the award-winning CrimeStoppers team are WTOC Hometown Heroes.

Learn more about CrimeStoppers at www.savannahchathamcrimestoppers.org.

Reported By: Karla Redditte, kredditte@wtoc.com

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