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Wounded in Iraq, State Trooper Returns to Duty on the Road

When the 48th Brigade deployed to Iraq last year, one special Georgia state trooper was among the thousands to serve. But effects of injuries from an explosion there still linger to this day.

Andy Gideon normally shies away from accolades like his award from the Peace Officers Association of Georgia. Recently the group recognized the trooper for his service and sacrifice while deployed as a Georgia National Guardsman in Iraq.

His duty there ended abruptly August 30 of last year.

"The IED penetrated my armored Humvee and went through my arm," he told us, showing his scars. "It shattered my arm through which I now have a plate that holds that together and my left index finger. It did away with that middle knuckle, so I don't have as much mobility as I used to, and I also have shrapnel on either side of my artery up here."

After weeks of surgery and rehab, he's returned to protect Georgia's roadways.

"I'm proud of all our people who went," said GSP commander Col. Bill Hitchens. "We had 40 to 50 people who went this past rotation. All of them arrived back safely, some had more problems than others and certainly Andy had the most difficulties."

But through it all, Trooper Gideon is proud of his unit's work there and the country they serve. "I've always had this view but this reinforced it," he said. "Some people don't realize what we do have here."

For his service in Iraq and his work here at home, Trooper First Class Andy Gideon earns a WTOC Military Salute. 

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com

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