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BOE President Candidate--Sadie Brown

To help keep voters informed we're featuring one candidate for Savannah Chatham School Board President each night this week.

Sadie Brown is one of the candidates for BOE President. Sadie said she taught everything from elementary school to college.

With that experience she knows what children need in order to be successful.

Sadie Brown is well known in the community as a positive role model for young children.

She spent most of her career in the Savannah Chatham School District and said she wants to bring the school system back to what it should be.

"Bring back to grade a school system being product of school system myself getting education here it is a great system and it is great we need to take the resources that we have and stop the micro managing and bring everyone together collectively," said Brown.

Brown taught for 32 years and most of it was spent right here in Savannah. Brown said she sees what changes are needed and would be a great for the job.

"Be pro-active rather than acting on the moment for the instance; we brought a bus system one week before school started with no prerequisites or preparation and expect them to function as if they had been her for four years," said Brown.

But Brown said it is more than just the bus system, and the board needs to have better communication.

"I can bring together the board members and have each district person go out in the community and come back and discuss it and plan collectively," said Brown.

Brown said she just wants what's best for the school system and the children and she said there are three main reason why people should vote for her because of her leadership, understanding of the school system, and her dedication to help children.

"Vote for me or the person they no will bring the system back up to a grade a system," said Brown.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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