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B.O.E Presidential Candidate--Floyd Adams

For some 30 years Floyd Adams has played a prominent role in leading our community. Its no secret the former Mayor of Savannah is used to being in charge.

"If I tell them I am going to do something I am going to do it with integrity and honesty, " said Adams.

Some of those things he plans to do are reduce busing, fix up some of the facilities, and make sure teachers are happy.

"Pay teachers what they need to be paid and attract teachers in math, science so we can keep them here, " said Adams.

Adams said one of the biggest problems is that teachers are leaving at an alarming rate and that's not good for the students.

"If we create the work force in the school system and retain and keep them there we can develop a better teacher and that's what we want to do," said Adams.

Adams said his experience in government will help him deal with the financial issues facing the school system.

"Most quality I can bring to the board is budget concerns and management concerns and so we can have a cohesive relationship with the board so we can provide to every child the benefits they need," said Adams.

But Adams said the main reason he is running for president is because he cares about the future of this community.

"If they vote for me their children will get the benefit of a great education in the community," said Adams.

On Wednesday all five the candidates participated in a forum. Each got the chance to share their vision for the school district if they were elected B.O.E. president.

If you missed the forum that's ok. we will show it again this Saturday night on WTOC starting at 7:20.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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