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Top Teacher-- Vera Johnson

Vera Johnson loves crunching numbers in her math classes at Derenne Middle School in Savannah.

And she tries to get her students to have that same passion by teaching the usual math in a not-so-usual way.

"I look at my class as an environment that is conducive to learning, which means that I don't tell them you have to do this, this, this, and this in this order," said Johnson. "You have to allow a child the opportunity to say 'well what if I want to do it this way, is that ok?' Yes, because this is math that we're talking about, so there is more than one approach to it."

And this approach has allowed her magnet students to shine even more in a subject many children dread.

Johnson is known for getting them to use their imaginations in order to find the solution to various math problems.

She gives them the bare necessities, and tells them to take it the rest of the way.

"Oftentimes, they walk around with their heads down because they feel defeated, and if you give a child an opportunity to blossom, before they feel defeated, make them feel like they're important, that they have something to offer, and then give them opportunities," said Johnson.

And this is the type of attitude Aigner Smith loves about her.

"Her class can never be boring," said Smith. "We have fun and we learn at the same time."

But for Johnson, it's more than fun.

"I would like for them to walk away knowing that they are somebody, and they are productive in whatever they do, and that they have what it takes to accomplish any task that is set before them," said Johnson.

And it is the continuous positive expectations of her students that makes Vera Johnson a WTOC Top Teacher.

 Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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