Fort Stewart Assistant Commander Gets New Rank

Brig. Gen. Ed Cardon
Brig. Gen. Ed Cardon

From the Engineering Brigade to the Fourth Brigade Combat Team, Col. Ed Cardon has been a star in the Third Infantry. Now he has the star to prove it. Brig. Gen. Cardon still can't get used to his new title.

"I never dreamed I'd be promoted to brigadier general," he admitted. "It is just a tremendous honor."

On the field Monday, the head of Army Forces Command attached the single star to Cardon's uniform. His children presented him the ceremonial flag and pistol.

So far, he's served as commander for two Third ID brigades before taking over as assistant division commander. He credits the division's soldiers for its success.

"They volunteer in a time of war and in their service--I just like being around them and that's why I'm still in the Army and that's why I'm proud to be a general officer and be able to serve them and do the best we can in whatever the nation asks us to do," he added.

Gen. Cardon says the promotion couldn't come in a more fitting time than Marne Week and the division's 89th birthday. He knows the soldiers have another challenge ahead of them when they deploy again to Iraq.

"They may not raise their hand and say they want to go, but they'll go because it's their duty and I'm very confident that, like the last two times we were in Iraq, we'll be successful this time," he assured.

Monday, he sang the Army Song and the Division Song for the first time as a general. He says these Dog Face Soldiers couldn't make him any more proud.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,