Welcome to Our City--Pembroke

Members of the North Bryan County Coalition of Churches Food Bank.
Members of the North Bryan County Coalition of Churches Food Bank.

I heard that Pembroke was a city known for its caring people. I saw them for myself when I happened upon the people within a small, aluminum-topped building off of Church Street.

"We survive on donations from churches and then we purchase food and then we hand it out every other week," said volunteer Sharon Clark.

Clark, along with about nine others, has volunteered at the North Bryan County Coalition of Churches Food Bank for years.

Every other Wednesday, they open their doors at 7am to people in need, providing whatever they have to offer from meats to canned goods, all for free.

"They check off with our lady at the desk, and once they qualify, they're able to get a box of food every other week," said Clark.

For 12 years now, this food bank has fed thousands of people throughout the community.

Every two weeks, about 150 people come to the food bank for assistance.

At one time, some of the volunteers were in line for this assistance. That's why this is not something that simply happens for the holidays. This is year-round help, and it has not been easy.

"We've had floods in here," said Clark. "We've had to move buildings. Some months we didn't have barely enough money, but we begged and borrowed from everybody to get food for people."

There is a lot of heavy lifting and even a lot of paperwork involved for a volunteer at the food bank.

But one thing you won't find--a lot of complaining, because the volunteers understand how valuable their services are and will do everything in their power to keep this food bank up and running.

"My husband got injured, then I got leukemia, so we had nothing," said Clark. "And if it wasn't for the local food banks, we wouldn't have been able to survive. They helped me and in God's words, you are to feed the multitudes and that's what we're doing here."

Clark says you'd be surprised how many people in this community actually need food, something many take for granted on a daily basis. But this food bank, like the city, is known for providing help when its needed most.

And that's what they plan to continue to do, helping to better lives one box at a time.

The food bank was the brainchild of Pembroke resident Jim Lantz, and it is in dire need of blankets as well as donations. If you can help, please call 912.653.3611 for more information.

Reported By: Karla Redditte, kredditte@wtoc.com