Some Soldiers Spend Their Day in the Classroom

From the battlefield to the classroom, some Third Infantry Division soldiers are going back to school. The soldiers are bridging the generation gap with some old-school mentoring.

It was back to class for some members of the Third ID and not to learn, but to teach. Their mission was to help tutor youngsters at Windsor Forest Elementary School.

The soldiers did everything from reading to answering all sorts of questions.

Army Spc. Lori Amundson says she has answered lots of their questions. "They are full of questions and they are curious about everything."

Tachaya Flen says she loves working with the children.

"For students it gives them the chance to interact with us, cause sometimes we are seen as the untouchables in uniform," said Flen. "And at least they know we are real people."

"We need them to know the Army is not about Iraq or the war, that we are out there helping our community and volunteering and working with the community," said Amundson.

And they didn't just help the students. Teachers got a hand as well.

Students like Maya Hardrick liked having the soldiers in the classroom.

"We know some other soldiers are in Iraq fighting for our freedom, and it's neat to meet soldiers live and in person," said Hardrick.

But Tuesday wasn't the only day that soldiers will be helping out the students. They'll be here throughout the school year whenever they have time.

"We volunteer all day long, and if there are activities after school or field trips, we do that as well," said Amundson.

And you can bet the students and teachers can't wait for these soldiers to come back.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,