Local Businessman Gives Back to Deputies in Mourning

Scott Robider, owner of Red Dot Uniforms.
Scott Robider, owner of Red Dot Uniforms.
Deputies in full dress uniform.
Deputies in full dress uniform.

Effingham County sheriff's deputies had the tragic task last week of laying to rest one of the their own. They all wanted to look their best as they paid their last respects to Cpl. Dennis Wright, who was killed in a traffic wreck.

Many of the deputies didn't have the proper dress uniform--a long-sleeved shirt, a brown tie and white gloves.

Effingham County Chief Richard Bush said many of the deputies turned to Scott Robider, the owner of Red Dot Uniforms.

"You want to look your best and go and try to get your shirt and shoes and things you need and [Robider] says, 'Just take them, don't worry about it,'" Chief Bush said. "That's a big impression on a deputy sheriff."

Robider donated items to dozens of deputies.

"Before I knew it, he was delivering stuff up here," said Bush. "He was bringing shirts, he would even have the shirts ironed and pressed and ready to wear, ties, mourning bands. He even brought shoes up here."

Robider says, in his line of work, he's gotten to know these deputies and hundreds of other officers in the area quite well.

"It was a way of commemorating Mr. Wright and his legacy of being a friend and kind soul," said Robider. "Also our way of saying thank you to the law enforcement, fire and EMS community for everything they do."

What makes this act of kindness even more remarkable is Robider just went through a tragedy of this own when a fire destroyed his store.

Chief Bush said, "He just lost his business a couple months ago, now he's trying to get his feet back on the ground, then this happens and he reaches out even further. We appreciate it very much, very much."

Bush says, during this dark time at the Effingham County Sheriff's Department, Robider's generosity is a bright spot. "That's what makes the world go round," he told us. "Good people."

Reported by Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com