Top Teacher--Tracy Taylor

Tracy Taylor
Tracy Taylor

Tracy Taylor has taught Spanish courses at Claxton High School for six years. But for her, it's not simply about teaching the students a language other than their own.

"It allows me to expose students, black and white, to another culture and to get rid of stereotypes and to help them to expand their knowledge," said Taylor.

And her quest to help expand their views of the world did not come in the usual way.

"I found myself divorced and I was a single mom and it was the perfect single mom job," said Taylor. "I could be at home with my kids. And once I got here, I actually figured out that I made a difference."

"She's a mother to all of the students and one thing we want to tell her is that we love her," said student Saquonya Cooper.

Cooper is one person in whom Taylor has made a difference.

"If I'm going through a bad day, she'll say, 'I love you,' and it's like, 'Oh my God,'" said Cooper. "And it's like so sweet to me."

"You respect the opinions of your peers but when it comes from your students themselves, it really means a lot," said Taylor.

Taylor definitely has a sense of humor. That is one of the main things that makes her so popular with her students, but she doesn't joke about the lesson she wants them to learn in her Spanish classes.

"I want them to be open minded and not to close themselves off to new experiences and new places and everything," said Taylor. "That the world is limitless for them."

Tracy Taylor is this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by: Karla Redditte,

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