Top Teen--Chris Simmons

Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons
Chris works on a painting.
Chris works on a painting.

Chris Simmons has a true passion for history. He is creating masterpiece projects that are gaining national attention.

"It's just unique learning about history," said Simmons.

So much so that this Groves High School student spends months creating projects like a history presentation on Hellenic culture including a detailed model of an ancient structure.

"I want them to relate to the topic and understand the topic and not just have narrow mind," said Simmons.

His topics can catch your eye and the eyes of other students. That's why teachers ask Chris to help his classmates.

"I tend to choose topics that people think they know a lot about but they don't," said Simmons.

And that technique is working because Chris' projects have won several state and even national awards, a big accomplishment for a senior in high school.

Once Chris selects a topic and researches it for several months, he has ten to 20 resources before he even starts to create his masterpiece.

His masterpieces aren't just limited to history; he has created projects in both science and even art, including paintings.

History teacher Angelina Muskin says Chris's creativity shines both in and out of the classroom.

"His perseverance there's nothing that can stop him from accomplishing a goal when he sets his mind to it," said Muskin. "He is going to do wonderful in whatever he does in life."

A life that seems destined for success, making him this week's WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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