Over a Thousand People Aren't Taking Any Chances This Flu Season

Do fever, aches, congestion and fatigue sound familiar? They're just some of the many symptoms of the flu. Not a pleasant experience, but a risk you take unless you get a flu shot.

Four-year-old twins Hannah and Rachel Lloyd kept their stuffed animals with them while they got their flu shots. An uncomfortable experience for them, but a comfort to their parents, Mariouce and Todd. They know their daughters will be protected during the upcoming flu season.

"They've been getting vaccinated since they were born, because they were premature, and they have asthma," said Mariouce. "So their doctor has asked us to get them flu vaccinations every year."

The vaccinations have actually saved the Lloyds money. "Cost wise, in the long run, it helps out, especially medicine wise," said Todd. "And there's less trips to the doctor."

And fewer chances of getting sick. Just by rolling up their sleeves, people at the Chatham County Health Department's flu shot clinic reduce their chances of getting this year's strain of the flu by 80%.

Good enough odds for Savannah resident Maureen Bracco, who wants to protect her granddaughter and the people she works with.

"I take care of a 19-month-old and I want to stay healthy," she said. "I work as a Candler volunteer, so I'm with the public and patients. If I want to help them out, I've got to stay healthy."

The health department is helping people do just that. If people couldn't make it inside the National Guard Armory Thursday, flu shots were available through two drive-through lanes. People drive up, roll down their windows and get their shots.

It made getting the vaccination quick, easy, and convenient.

"We've got a little competition going on between the lanes, who can do the most and the fastest," laughed nursing supervisor Stacie Fontaine. "But seriously, we want to get as many people vaccinated today as we can."

While the clinic was a little late this year, health officials say flu season for Georgia won't hit until January or February. That gives people plenty of time to get vaccinated. "Now is the perfect time to get your flu shot," explained Betty Dixon. "Because the antibodies will be in your system prior to the flu season."

If you missed the flu shot clinic on Thursday, you can still go to the Chatham County Health Department on Eisenhower Drive or Drayton Street for your vaccines. They offer flu shots and pneumonia vaccines.

Reported By: Melanie A. Ruberti, mruberti@wtoc.com