Joe Buck Is New School Board President

A victorious Joe Buck, right, with supporters.
A victorious Joe Buck, right, with supporters.

Settling up some unfinished business at the polls Tuesday with several different runoffs. One race that seemed to be getting everyone's attention was the race for Savannah-Chatham school board president between Dr. Joe Buck and incumbent Hugh Golson.

And it looks like we have a new school board president. With all precincts reporting, Joe Buck won with more than twice as many votes. We caught up with both Golson and Buck as the results came in last night, and both agreed was a long day and a long four weeks campaigning for the second time around.

When the polls first closed, both Buck and Golson waited patiently for the numbers to come in.

"It's been crazy and hectic," said Golson. "Campaigning is like a roller coaster, there is no doubt about it."

Buck used the same analogy. "Kind of roller coaster," he said. "Worked hard over the weekend and Sunday."

Both agree they would have liked to see more people out casting their ballots.

"Once you get to Thanksgiving, people move to other things, and I think all of us have been begging people to get out to the polls," said Buck.

And getting people to vote has been difficult.

"We worked to get around that, but at same tome we need to change the runoff closer to the election," said Golson.

Just before 10pm, we got some final numbers, and with all precincts counted, Joe Buck won with more than twice as many votes as Golson. Meaning in January, he will take over as the next school board president for the Savannah-Chatham district.

"I am thrilled awed and determined and confident that what I promised to accomplish as I ran for this office and I am concerned about the young people and looking forward to the next four years," said Buck.

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Reported by: Brooke Kelley,