Prosecution Calling Witnesses

Prosecutor Christy Barker
Prosecutor Christy Barker

The prosecution began calling witnesses to the stand around 2:30pm. Prosecutor Christy Barker first called Bret Finley to the stand. He was walking through Orleans Square with Ross when she was shot.

Finley testified three men approached them. He said a tall, dark-skinned black male hit him in the head with a gun and the gun when off. Prosecutors say that man is defendant Webster Wilson.

Finley said it was too dark and he was too shaken up to tell for sure.

Wilson's attorney, Brian Daly, focused on Finley's uncertainty and said Finley's description isn't enough to put Wilson at the scene. Finley said after he was hit, he noticed Ross lying on the ground, crying that she had been shot.

The final witness to take the stand was Lizzy Sprague. She was Ross' best friend and was a few yards behind Ross and Finley when the three men approached them with guns. Lizzy said she only got a look at one of the muggers. In court she pointed out Webster Wilson.

Wilson's attorney went after Sprague during cross examination, questioning her identification. Sprague broke down and cried. Shortly after that Sprague, was excused from the witness stand and at 5:20pm the judge called it a day.

Court will resume tomorrow at 9am.  A third friend of Ross' who was there the night of the shooting is expected to take the stand at that time.