Paul Welle, Wendy's Heisman

If you aren't the lead dog the scenery never changes, for Statesboro senior Paul Welle the view has never been better. As a junior he was tops in the region for the mile and the 2 mile running the 1600 meter in 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

"I started track in middle school," said Paul Welle. "My mom was the coach and she picked it up in high school and college so it was sort of a natural thing for me to do."

Leading the pack now, but not long ago he was staring at the same artwork for entire meets.

"In 10th grade he was an average runner but over the summer he put in 5 days a week, maybe 7 and started training harder," said Blue Devils track Coach Rico Campbell. "He basically went to work and his time dropped maybe a minute each year."

Remarkable gains for a distance runner but chump change compared to his work in the classroom. His resume is 3 pages long chocked full of accomplishments along with his 3.97 GPA, 1440 sat and 34 on the ACT.

"My mom has always encouraged academics," said Welle. "A lot of the people I am friends with, even more so than me, are really into academics and teacher wise it has just been encouraged from all sides."

"His activities do overlap but even then he finds a way to make it work like the time his Eagle Scout event in Macon and his regional track meet fell on the same weekend."

"He went up to the scouts that Friday, stayed the night training all the kids, then came down to the Saturday morning maybe 5-6 o'clock to Milledgeville where we had the region meet, ran, won the race," said Coach Campbell. "He then went back to the scouts but came back for the track finals Monday and won again so that is the type of kid he is."