The Next Generation of Lady Bulldogs

Savannah - Coach Booker is running with a group of gals poised to fill the big shoes of his former prep stars.  One player that's shining bright is sophomore Khalilah Watson. Having played with Christy Marshall and Danielle Taylor the gutsy guard is picking up slack this season.

"This is not something new for us because we've had good players in the past and what we try to do is not replace those players individually but collectively," said Lady Bulldogs coach Ron Booker. "Of course Khalilah has stepped up far and above what I thought she would do at this point in her career and I'm very pleased with the progress she has made."

"This year everyone has a different role from last year," said Khalilah. "We have to step up and score and play defense."

Getting in players faces and making them turn over the ball is just one of Watson's specialties.

"She spearheads our defense and she seems to have the drive, energy and the strength to play tough defense when others are fading because of fatigue," said Coach Booker.

"Coach Booker said I'm an energy player," smiles Khalilah. "I have to have energy because I can't get tired."

And she doesn't, on the other end of the court she averages 16 points and 9 rebounds a game.  With two years left, Coach Booker says he is prepping for another great hoopster.

"And once she gets to that point," smiles Booker. "We probably won't speak of Christy Marshall but Khalilah Watson."