Friend IDs Getaway Car, Defense Brings Up Doubts

Jennifer Ross' friend Brannen Miles has been on the stand most of the morning. He was with Jennifer the night she was shot.

Miles testified he was a few yards behind Jennifer and Brett Finley when they were attacked by muggers. Minutes after the shooting, Miles testified that he told police that one of the attackers was a white male with a blond goatee and saw him get into a gray Ford Taurus.

The three men on trial are all African-American.

On the stand Miles said he's now not sure what the mugger looked like, but he's positive he saw a gray Taurus. Miles said, "I know my cars, I'm terrible with faces and names."

During cross-examination, the defense attorneys grilled Miles on his identification of a white male being one of the muggers. They asked, if he's not sure know what the mugger looked like, how can he be sure it was a gray Ford Taurus? Miles said he recognized the grill on the Taurus, he said he's a car buff and Ford only made that grill for the Taurus for three years.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,