Defense Battles Prosecution's Witnesses

Chatham County Courthouse
Chatham County Courthouse

In day two of the Jennifer Ross murder trial, prosecutors continued to call witnesses against the three men accused in the fatal shooting before court recessed about 5:30pm.

Ross' mother and father sat motionless as they heard the 911 call from the night Jennifer was shot.

Brett Finley, who was with Ross that night, is heard talking with the 911 operator. "The girl got shot," he said, going on to tell the operator where they were. Right outside the civic center by the parking lot. "He hit me in the head with a gun, the girl got shot. Please hurry."

The three men on trial for murdering Ross--Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee--are all African-Americans. That's consistent with what Brett Finley told dispatchers when he called 911.

"You said three black males?" the 911 operator is heard to ask. "Yes ma'am," Finley answered.

Ross' other two friends, Lizzy Sprague and Brannen Miles, were several feet behind Finley and Ross. Last year, Miles told police there were two white males and one black male.

Brian Daly, Webster Wilson's, attorney, questioned Miles on the topic:

Daly: There was a white male involved. Yes or no?

Miles: Yes sir.

Daly: A couple hours later, you had an interview with a detective. You again stated that you were positive a white male was involved. Yes or no?

Miles: Yes sir.

Today Miles testified he's not sure of their race.

Daly: Are you color blind?

Miles: No sir.

Miles says he is positive the shooters got into a gray Ford Taurus, stating that he knows his cars but is terrible with faces and names.