Prosecution's Star Witness Takes the Stand

Sean Thorpe
Sean Thorpe

The prosecution's star witness, a man who took part in the robbery and shooting of Jennifer Ross, took the stand this afternoon in the murder trial.

It was dramatic testimony. Sean Thorpe said he was with all three men who are on trial when Ross was killed last Christmas Eve. He has been granted immunity and today testified in great detail against his three former friends and partners in crime.

It was the moment everyone is court has been waiting for. Sean Thorpe, defendant Michael Thorpe's uncle, took the stand around 3pm. He testified under oath that he was with Michael, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee that night, and said they were looking for easy targets to rob.

Sean said they were all riding around in a gray Ford Taurus. He said they saw Ross and her three friends walking through Orleans Square around 3am. He identified Ross from a picture the prosecution showed.

Sean testified he was hiding behind a tree when Michael Thorpe and Webster Wilson tried to rob Ross and her friend. He says he heard the gunshot but did not see how it happened. He took off running because he knew the police were coming.

Sean testified he heard another gunshot and a few minutes later caught up again with Michael, Huckabee and Wilson.  He said Michael told him he shot the girl.

Sean ultimately decided to cooperate with police investigators and let them record a phone call between himself and Michael Thorpe.

Sean identified Michael Thorpe as the shooter, Webster Wilson as the man who pistol-whipped Brett Finley, who was with Ross that night, and Kevin Huckabee as the man who drove the car away.

Court recessed at 5:15pm today and will be back in session at 9am, when Sean Thorpe is expected back on the stand.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,