Missing South Carolina Couple Found

Rocky Mount, NC
Rocky Mount, NC

A sad ending for a family at the holidays. A Myrtle Beach couple left home last Thursday for the long drive to New York City, but they never made it. Instead, they wound up in a swampy area off Interstate 95 near Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Police say, whoever was driving lost control, went off the road and crashed into a body of water next to the interstate. December 7, someone reported the wreck, but emergency crews could not locate evidence of any car or debris that morning.

Late this afternoon, searchers recovered the bodies of 57-year-old Wayne Guay and his 55-year-old wife, Dianne.

Their family's searched from the start and say they are grateful to have some closure. They also want to thank all the people who pitched in and prayed.

Jessica Guay, one of the daughters, and her husband have spent thousands of dollars in the search, from printing flyers to renting a helicopter. The couple says money was never an object.