Thorpe Back on the Stand Tuesday

Week two of the Jennifer Ross murder trial began with friends of the suspects on the stand Monday.

Jonathan Tolbert testified he helped Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee steal a gray Ford Taurus used as the getaway car the night Ross was robbed and shot.

Ernest Seabrook testified Huckabee gave him the Taurus a couple of days after the shooting.

Then it was Sean Thorpe's turn. He's the prosecution's star witness, and Michael Thorpe's uncle. He testified he was with Michael, Wilson and Huckabee last Christmas Eve, riding around in that gray Taurus. He testified they were looking for easy targets to rob.

Then Sean says they saw Ross and her friends as they approached Orleans Square. Sean says he got scared a ran away, but he says he heard Michael Thorpe, Wilson and Huckabee later brag about the crime.

He identified Michael as the shooter, Webster Wilson as the one who pistol-whipped Brett Finley, and Kevin Huckabee as the driver.

Also, Sean Thorpe testified that he owned the gun that was used. He gave it to Michael before the shooting and threw it out a car window afterward. Police were never able to recover the weapon.

Prosecutors gave Sean Thorpe immunity in this case. That means everything he said cannot be used against him and he is not charged in the case. Police gave him $1,200 to relocate because Sean said he received death threats for cooperating with police.

Sean Thorpe will be back on the stand at 9am today.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,