Sean Thorpe Excused, Federal Prisoner Testifies

Ivory Bowens
Ivory Bowens

Court resumed at 9:15am. Sean Thorpe was excused as a witness with no further testimony. Many were surprised how short his time on the stand was. He testified he was with his nephew Michael Thorpe and his friends Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee last Christmas Eve.

He said he didn't have a gun or hurt anyone. The defense harped on the fact he was given immunity and police gave him $1,200. He said the money was to help him get out of town because there were threats against his life.

The prosecution called Ivory Bowens to the stand. He testified he was with Sean and Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee before Jennifer Ross was shot on Christmas Eve.

Bowens is currently in federal custody. He is doing federal time for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Bowens said Sean Thorpe talked about going to get a "lick," going to rob someone.

Bowens said he then saw the four men again shortly after the shooting. He said they talked about the shooting and Sean said he got scared and ran away.

When defense attorneys questioned him, they pointed out he only serving eight years in federal prison for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; the state let him serve time on other drug charges concurrently. Bowens said that's not why he cooperated with police and prosecutors.

He said he decided to talk to prosecutors after he "had a change of heart." He said he didn't like people laughing when they did wrong. He was referring to Thorpe and Wilson laughing and bragging about shooting Jennifer Ross. He said he didn't know if Huckabee was involved.

Bowens was off the stand about 10:15am.