Defense Questioning Lead Detective

SCMPD's lead detective on the case, Don McCutcheon.
SCMPD's lead detective on the case, Don McCutcheon.

Lead Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department detective Don McCutcheon is on the stand. He is likely the prosecution's last witness.

He was called to the stand to help tie together all the evidence and testimony in this case.

He has interviewed Jennifer Ross' friends and conducted many of the interviews with the defendants' friends.

When court has recessed for lunch at noon, Det. McCutcheon was still on the stand being questioned by the prosecution.

Court was back in session at 1:30pm. McCutcheon is back on the stand.

Defense attorney Brian Daly, representing Webster Wilson, is cross-examining McCutcheon. Daly pointed out McCutcheon had only been a violent crimes detective for six months before taking this case.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,