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WTOC Offensive Player of the Year--Franklin Green

Franklin Green Franklin Green
Franklin Green with WTOC Player of the Year Trophy Franklin Green with WTOC Player of the Year Trophy

The WTOC Offensive Player of the Year, Franklin Green of Jenkins, is an all-around athlete.  He plays both sides of the ball, and even does some kicking.  He plays on the basketball team, and is the reigning Region 3-AAAAA 100-meter champion.  But, when all is said and done, Franklin Green in a football player. 

Franklin Green rushed for 1,822 yards in 10 games this season, scoring 19 touchdowns. He has the ability to take over a game. He also caught 15 passes for over 300 yards this season, and on defense he plays both safety and defensive end. But, he is a natural when it comes to carrying the football.

"He's a natural running back," says Jenkins Head Coach Tim Adams. "It's his natural position, he's very comfortable there, he has great vision, he's got excellent speed. For the most part he's a natural runner. He sees a hole and he explodes through it."

"I try not to get touched," said Green.  "So I try to make the defenders miss instead of just trying to run them over all the time."

Green loves to run the ball, but catching passes can be fun, too.  "Oh, I like to get one on one and make the defenders miss. I don't want to embarrass them, I just do what I have to do."

Jenkins improved to 5-5 this season after winning a total of just 4 games the previous 4 seasons and Green noticed the attitudes of their opponents change as the Warriors got better.  "We don't have a friendship like we used to have. it's more like enemies. They used to come out and joke with us, now they come ready to play."

If Green had a flaw, it was that he put the ball on the ground too much early in the season. But then Green and the coaching staff worked hard to correct that problem.  "We had to re-teach him how to hold the ball," said Adams.  "He's just an athlete who's trying everything he can to go the distance and seriously he corrected it in the last four games and I don't think he had one fumble."

oh, by the way, besides playing offense and defense, green also does some kicking and even contributed a 28-yard field goal.  "I was a little nervous when the coach told me to kick a field goal. I didn't know if he was telling me to kick it or the kicker to come in the game. I felt a little relief because I thought I was going to kick it and hit the center in butt or something like that."

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