Jennifer Ross Murder Trial Almost Wrapped Up

Kevin Huckabee declining his right to testify Wednesday.
Kevin Huckabee declining his right to testify Wednesday.

Just a week in court, and the Jennifer Ross murder trial is almost to the jury. The state rested its case Wednesday, turning things over to the defense, which didn't last long at all.

All three of the defendants were given detailed instructions about their rights, and all of them decided not to testify before the jury of their peers.

With the jury outside of the courtroom, Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee were each asked one simple question: whether they wanted to testify. It's not a decision that's up to the attorneys, it solely belongs to the defendants.

Thorpe, barely above a whisper, simply said no.

Next up, Wilson admitted he had intended to before the trial got underway.

"I wanted to testify at first, but the way it's going, I don't want to any more," said Wilson. "I'm innocent. I didn't do nothing wrong, I got nothing to hide."

Huckabee's reply was the most confident, claiming he simply didn't need to. "I understand the state has the burden of proof, so I don't have to prove nothing," explained Huckabee.

"And do you wish to testify in this case?" asked his attorney.

"No sir," came the reply.

With that settled, it was time for the three defense teams to offer their case. That was just as quick. None of the attorneys took the opportunity, resting immediately.

Now all that's left are closing arguments, and then the jury will have a decision to make: guilty or not guilty.

Closing arguments will get underway at 9am Thursday morning. If everything goes as expected, they'll break for lunch, and have the jury start deliberating after that.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,