Closing Arguments Underway

Christy Barker gives her closing arguments.
Christy Barker gives her closing arguments.

Court came back in session at 9:10am. Judge Penny Hass Freesemann discussed some housekeeping issues with the attorneys.

Jurors were brought in at 9:17am. Closing arguments are underway. Each of the four attorneys gets up to a hour to present his or her final thoughts to the jury. Under Georgia law, prosecutor Christy Barker will go first and last.

Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee are on trial for murdering Jennifer Ross. If convicted, they face life in prison.

During her closing arguments, Barker asked jurors whether it was coincidence that so many witnesses claimed they knew Michael Thorpe shot Jennifer Ross.

"Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson and Kevin Huckabee are parties to a crime," she said. "You have to know a crime is occurring and help with the commission of a crime. Kevin Huckabee knew they were going out robbing people. Webster Wilson clearly knew, he got out of the car and hit Brett Finley in the head."

Barker said Sean Thorpe, Michael's uncle and the state's star witness, is guilty of murder. He knew he was party to a crime. Barker told jurors, If Sean Thorpe is guilty then there's no question all three of these men are guilty of murder. Who would you rather see walk out the door, the man who ran away or the man who pulled the trigger?"

Sean Thorpe has testified he fled the scene of the crime and has cooperated with prosecutors, who granted him immunity in the case.

"We do not have to prove this case beyond a shadow of a doubt," said Barker. The standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

"These guys are all in it together," she said. "If one falls, they all fall."

She added, "They took Jennifer Ross' life over nothing."

Members of the defendants' families are in court, as are the family and friends of Jennifer Ross.