Defense Begins Closing Arguments

Richard Darden addresses the jury.
Richard Darden addresses the jury.

Michael Thorpe's attorney, Richard Darden, presented his closing arguments.

"Reasonable doubt is doubt of a fair-minded jury," he said. "How can you determine the truth based on these witnesses? [The prosecutor] got in bed with these witnesses, giving them all a deal."

Darden told jurors that every one of the witnesses had lied to police, and jurors don't have to believe a word they say.

"Where is the white piece of this puzzle?" he asked. "You should be offended by this, the whole way this case was handled."

He said there's no physical evidence that puts Michael Thorpe in the car.

"Sean Thorpe is not only a killer, he's a paid informant," he said. Police gave him $1,200, which Sean has said was for relocation due to threats on his life.

"This case breaks my heart," he said, adding that the Rosses seek justice, and so does the defense.

"This is an important decision," Darden told jurors. "If you return a verdict of not guilty for Michael Thorpe, you can walk out of here and hold your head high."

Court took a ten-minute recess. Brian Daly, representing Webster Wilson, will be next.