Defense Closing Arguments

Brian Daly showed a yes-or-no chart to the jury.
Brian Daly showed a yes-or-no chart to the jury.

Defense attorney Brian Daly, who represents Webster Wilson, finished his closing arguments at 11:55am.

"I am so terrified, I may cry," he told jurors. "I'm terrified my representation may be deficient."

He pointed out that the simple fact the defendants are sitting at the defense table does not mean they are guilty.

Daly showed a yes-or-no chart to the jury including the following items:

Any ballistic evidence tying Webster Wilson to the crime? No.
Fingerprint evidence? No.
DNA evidence? No.
Any scientific evidence at all? No.
Clothing that puts him at the scene? No.
Can victim ID Webster Wilson? No.
Can any eyewitness ID WW? No.
Can any person put him at the scene? No.
Do cell phone records prove anything? No.
Any deals for prosecution witnesses' testimony? Yes.

Afterward, Judge Penny Haas Freesemann broke for lunch.

About until 2:30pm Amber Pittman began closing for Kevin Huckabee. She told jurors her client is not responsible for proving his innocence or providing an alibi.

Afterward, prosecutor Christy Barker will finish up and the judge is expected to instruct the jury. It's possible the jury could start deliberating this evening or first thing tomorrow.