Ross Family Awaits Verdict at Courthouse

A nearly empty courtroom awaits a deliberating jury.
A nearly empty courtroom awaits a deliberating jury.

It's the end of week two in the high-profile trial of three men for the December 24, 2005, murder of a Savannah teen. Michael Thorpe, Webster Wilson, and Kevin Huckabee are charged in the slaying of 19-year-old Jennifer Ross.

Closing arguments finished up yesterday, and the judge charged the jury, which deliberated until about 7:30pm last night. This morning, the jury was back in the courthouse deliberating the fate of the defendants. As of 5pm, no verdict had been reached. The jury has paused several times to ask questions or request to review evidence, such as some of the audio records which were played during the trial.

The jury is made up of seven women and five men. Seven jurors are white, four black, and one Asian.

Ross' family is at the courthouse in the victims/witnesses room awaiting the verdict.

The families of the defendants held a prayer outside the courtroom about 11am.

We will of course report the verdict as soon as it's known here, and on TV.