Christine Phan: Small Stature, Big Heart

For the past four years, Christine Phan has wowed audiences with her dynamic moves.  The Windsor forest senior says those fancy plays are great crowd pleasers--but winning games overshadows all of that.

"She'll pass, she'll dish, she'll shoot, she'll do some spectacular type moves," said Windsor Forest Head Coach Todd Roberson.

At first glance you might say she's too short to play basketball, or better yet is she even old enough? Once you see her on the court, those questions should be put to rest.

"I just wanted to show everyone I was strong enough and could play," said Windsor Forest Guard Christine Phan. "I felt like my height, I didn't think it was a big deal.  I felt like I had my advantages like a big person would, I just had to use my quickness more."

The undersized point guard has been playing with the big boys, more like her brothers, since she was three. Now, the five-footer is the driving force for the Lady Knights this year.  Not only is Phan the team's leader, she's also one of the area's most-respected players--and--she's admired by her peers.

"At pep rallies she always gets a great standing ovation," said Coach Roberson. "3-pt contest she's always in, she brings a lot to our team."

"She's our leader," said Ashley Booker. "She's our Captain and she does her job very well."

Coach Todd Roberson says that's an understatement, for example, off the dribble she can take you left or right--more importantly she never backs down.

"She has a lot of confidence," said Roberson. "She'll see 6-footers out there in the lane and it does not scare her."

Phan will need that confidence as she tries to lead Windsor Forest to the playoffs, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since her sophomore year.

"I'm not really worried about anything else," smiled Phan. "I just want to win and go to state."